Mariachi Tapatio de Felipe Garcia

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Felipe Garcia

FElipe Garcia

Executive Director

Felipe Garcia is Mariachi Tapatio’s executive director and co-founder of Mariachi Academy of Music. Felipe’s passion for music motivates him to work tirelessly as an educator. His vision is to preserve the rich cultural traditions of Mariachi music while promoting its accessibility to communities throughout the Bay Area. Felipe’s passion motivates him to hold highly anticipated concerts in which Mariachi Tapatio is the main attraction.

Manuel Caratachea

Musical Director

Manuel Caratachea brings more than 40 years of musical experience to Mariachi Tapatio and under his direction has solidified Mariachi Tapatio’s reputation as one of the best groups in the Bay Area. Some of Manuel’s personal achievements include touring with world renowned groups throughout the world and serving as mentor for current Mariachi Vargas members such as Oscar Ortega. He remains inspired by relishing in the opportunity to share his vast knowledge with students through private lessons and to those whom participate in Felipe Garcia’s Mariachi Academy.

Manuel Caratachea
Juan Reyes 2.jpg

JUan Reyes


Ramiro Diaz is the longest serving member of Mariachi Tapatio having been a member for the past 22 years. Born and raised in El Grullo, Jalisco, a city steeped with a rich cultural history of music and folklore, he brings a vast wealth of experiences. Ramiro comes from a family of distinguished musicians, some of whom were also early and important members of Mariachi Tapatio. His dedication for his group is palpable as he continues to foster the future generation of Mariachi Tapatio with his sons.

anthony angeles


Anthony Angeles has been performing mariachi music since the age of 5. His inspiration started from seeing his older brother, Felipe, perform. Now they share the stage as important members of Mariachi Tapatio. Anthony is a Santa Clara University graduate where he studied finance and music. He distinguishes himself by his classical training and attention to detail. His endeavors have earned him the prestigious opportunity be a part of the San Francisco Youth Sumphony and the San Jose Youth Symphony where he toured across Europe and South America.


jocsan bonales


Jocsan Bonales and his guitarron are the heartbeat of Mariachi Tapatio. He is a versatile musician proficient in a variety of musical styles and genres as well as a film director. His talents have allowed Mariachi Tapatio’s social media to engage fans like never before. Jocsan values education and personal growth which influences how he approaches his role in Mariachi Tapatio and as a mentor for budding musicians.

Miguel chavez


Gustavo Sanchez is a much loved member of Mariachi Tapatio. His prowess as a vihuela player was evident at a young age when he participated in Bay Area mariachi programs and excelled. His teacher was none other than Bay Area famous Juan “Pato” Diaz. Gustavo displays courage, commitment, and passion wherever he goes which makes him an excellent member for Mariachi Tapatio. His hobbies include attending concerts and traveling to new places.

Gustavo Sanchez
Juan Guzman

juan guzman


Juan Guzman is a proud member of Mariachi Tapatio and enjoys studying and sharing the rich cultural significance of Mariachi music with others. Immediately after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Juan volunteered at a Jesuit private high school in San Jose and supported their music department by lending his expertise through lessons and mentorship. He was also a key figure in their English Department, tirelessly working to ensure that students there had the tools and skills necessary to serve them on their academic careers. Juan’s commitment to his community is admirable and he hopes that he is able to inspire students to reach for their own personal goals.

ernesto gonzalez


Ernesto Gonzalez comes from El Grullo, Jalisco, Mexico. Ernesto’s uncle is none other than Salvador Gonzalez, the founder of Mariachi Tapatio in 1982. Ernesto is one of Mariachi Tapatio’s earliest members, initiating his musical career here at a young age. As a young man, Ernesto played alongside some of the Bay Area’s best mariachi musicians and has continued to hone his craft by studying under world class musicians such as Francisco “Pako” Aguilar, current trumpet player of Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan. He has toured alongside Espinoza Paz and accompanied famous stars such as Alejandro Fernandez and Edith Marquez. Ernesto is proud to represent Mexican culture in Colombia, Cuba, and Guatemala through his career as a touring musician.

Ernesto Gonzalez
Aaron Diaz

victor rosales

Rockstar 🎻

Aaron Diaz is the youngest member of Mariachi Tapatio. However, despite his age he brings a lot of heart and dedication to the group. Eager to continue the family traditions he has known all of his life, he works tirelessly to grow as a musician without losing scope of his education. Everyone that meets him senses his love and passion for the music his family has helped cultivate throughout the Bay Area. We are all eager to see Aaron continue to grow and inspire many more generations of Mariachi Tapatio.